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temNOW™ SaaS

temNOW™ SaaS Product Details


temNOW™ SaaS is a software as a service, enterprise wide, web-based product that provides you the ability to manage invoices from receipt to payment, manage disputes from audit to resolution, manage inventory from order to fulfillment, manage contract terms and conditions and make strategic decisions based on reporting trends and data analytics. 

temNOW™ brings together technology, process, and people to help clients gain control of their expense environment, control costs, support industry best practices, and implement efficient, repeatable, closed loop processes.

If you would like a turnkey solution or would like assistance in managing areas of your environment, visit temNOW MaaS to see what managed service packages can be added to this product.

Technical Brief

The temNOW™ product uses a 3-tiered model that separates the presentation layer from the business layer and the database layer.  The interface can be viewed on any laptop, desktop or wireless device within any browser. 

temNOW™ is hosted on AWS to provide scalability, performance and security compliance (NIST 800-53, Fedramp, etc.).  In this hosting environment, temNOW can be white labeled and hosted domestically or internationally.

temNOW™ is built on fundamental relationships between invoice data, contract data, inventory data and employee data. These relationships provide effective auditing and reporting, incorporate best practices and are fundamental to the successful implementation and continued management of invoices.

temNOW™ incorporates a “SmartAudit” process that performs a 360-degree audit of the invoice data in the areas of comparison, trending, inventory, contractual, usage, opportunity, and can be customized to fit a client’s needs.  Auditing is powered by the ETL (Extract, Translator, Load) process that automates the population of inventory and contract rates.

temNOW™ provides a robust suite of reports that can be exported into spreadsheet format for further analysis.  The design of the interface provides for ad hoc reporting due to the export capabilities inherent in the interface.  With the fundamental relationships in place, additional analysis can be done in the areas of location, inventory, optimization.

Key Features

  • Import Tools (translators, InvoiceAI)
  • Invoice Lifecycle Management (allocation, approval, pay)
  • Dispute Lifecycle Management (investigation, negotiation, follow-up)
  • SmartAudit / ETL
  • Inventory/Asset Tracking
  • Contract Management
  • Reporting


Total Implementation Timeframe: 90-120 Days

Implementation is a 90-120 day process in which AMI will work closely with the client to set up a fully functional expense management system. The areas of implementation include:

Phase 1Kick off and preparationEstablish timelines and responsibilities
Phase 2Data gatheringLOAs, Vendor Portal Access, Invoices, Contracts, etc.
Phase 3Load DataLoad and setup data in temNOW
Phase 4Training(4) 4 hour training sessions
Phase 5ReviewReview temNOW environment with client
Phase 6Production EnvironmentMove into Production

Value Add

Central repository; Inherent Closed loop processing within the product, applies best practices in managing the client’s expense environment; product used with Fortune 1000 clients, continuous improvement of the product to meet client’s ever changing needs

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