The Benefits of Workplace & Supplier Diversity: Infographic

The Benefits of Workplace & Supplier Diversity: Infographic

Did you know that companies with diverse workforces and diverse supplier relationships are more innovative, more productive, have happier employees and stronger financials? Check out our latest infographic below to see more detail about these benefits, or click on the “Download Now” button to the right to get your own copy of our Benefits of Workplace & Supplier Diversity infographic.

So, what are the benefits of workplace and supplier diversity?

Diversity Yields Innovation…

  • 59% Increase in creativity, openness and innovation 1
  • 38% Better Assessment of consumer interest & demand
  • 73% Higher innovation revenue 2

Diversity Makes for Happier Employees

More diverse companies experience 3:

  • 12% Increase in productivity
  • 19% Higher employee retention
  • 57% More effective collaboration

Diversity Produces Big Financial Gains

  • 75% companies with diverse leadership teams exceed their financial targets 4

Diversity Benefits Also Extend to Suppliers

  • Companies that dedicate 20%+ of spend to diverse suppliers can attribute as much as 15% of their annual sales to supplier diversity programs 5
  • The ROI of a supplier diversity program as high as 133% 6

AMI can help your organization experience the benefits of diversity:

  • Certified Woman owned-and-operated Supplier
  • 52% of employee base Is female/minority and diverse in age
  • 30 years of expertise delivering ROI as a diversity supplier
  • Women-Owned Business Enterprise – WBE (Certification Number: W070241)