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Understanding invoices got you blue? Dive deep with AMI

Posted on MAY 4, 2017

Like the big, blue ocean, it can be intimidating to think what’s lurking below. Invoices contain a sea of errors as a result of network changes, billing platform modifications, promotions, discounts and more — join us for a swim and we’ll show you how to clear the sea of errors. (Please note: AMI only swims in clear water – completely clean.)  

First, attain data transparency. Let’s see how cloudy our water is…

Transparency involves a two-part process:

  1. Collect the appropriate data: billing, inventory, contractual, financial, location ata, employee.
  2. Correlate the data sets based upon pre-defined, repeatable logic and rules.

Secondly, identify the errors. It’s time to filter the water…

Now that the data has context and meaning, errors can be found easily and expected resolutions can be identified, based upon a logical set of rules that are dependent upon the services being provided.  

Third, resolve. Swim peacefully in clean water.  

Using the facts documented within the error discovery, conversations with the vendor and/or client are straightforward and respectful to attain the desired resolution.   

Come take a dip with us — contact us today for a demo.

Tech Savings Talk | Webinar Series 2017

Thinking about diving into TEM? (Here’s a hint of what that means to AMI: Transparent. Efficient. Measurable.) Join us for our new webinar series!Starting April 28 at 1 p.m. ET, our first webinar, “Why Do I Need TEM?”, will explore the advantages of technology estate management and how AMI Strategies can work with you to streamline processes and save costs.

End User Mobility Report

Our clients have been raving about it, and with good reason – when you’re swimming in mobility plans and invoices, budgets and profit strategies, the End User Mobility Report is like a life raft. This report will give you a clear understanding of your mobility spend and inform your end users and management of spends and trends. Download the full report here.

Quotable quotes 

People are defined by the problems
they are asked to solve

— Bill Wray, COO (former CIO),
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island

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You’ve got a friend in me

We swim with the coolest fish ever. Who might that be? Our trusted partners and clients!

Data accuracy can make or break an enterprise. Inaccurate data will easily sink your ship. That’s why we’re pleased to tell you about Blazent, Inc. – it provides the most widely-used IT data accuracy engine. And data accuracy drives stronger business outcomes. Check them out!

Calling all technology leaders!

Each year, we eagerly wait for the Midwest Technology Leaders Symposium…in fact, we love it so much that we will be sponsoring this premier event for the 13th year — and we’d like for you to join us! This invitation-only symposium, held April 26 at The Henry in Dearborn, features many opportunities for learning from the top in tech; want to be part of it, too? Contact Jane Sydlowski at to secure your spot!    

The Michigan Council of Women in Technology inspires, engages and works to grow the number of women in the technology fields. Their vision is simple and bold: to make Michigan the number one state for women in technology. That’s why their Executive Connection Summit, held May 31 in Novi, Michigan, is a can’t-miss event — especially with a conference theme this year of mobility and a roster of speakers that includes Mark Fields, president and CEO of Ford Motor Company! Register today.   

Join us and keep swimming!