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Viruses are contagious, don’t you know?

Posted on MARCH 30, 2018

Arming computers with virus-protection software is essential to maintain security and protection on the device. While it’s in the norm to download an antivirus software like Malware for a computer, are users arming their mobile devices and tablets too? Mobile devices and tablets are like mini-computers that can be held in one’s hand and is light-weight for transport. The chart below shows preventative measures to take to ensure devices stay protected:

By implementing safe practice standards for devices, there is a lower-risk of corruption on the device itself. Various application stores offer free apps that can prevent malicious malware- here are top 10 Antivirus & Malware Apps to protect your device today. Almost everyone knows the saying “man’s best friend” is a common phrase about domestic dogs, but unbeknownst to them, mobile devices have quickly become a digital alternative. The number of mobile phones and tablets currently in use is in the billions- we use our devices for just about everything; social media, shopping, taking pictures, banking, music and more. Our devices store personal and sensitive information that hold both financial and emotional worth- don’t let your best friend catch the next virus.