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Posted on NOVEMBER 17, 2015

What’s more exciting than managing your telecom spend?

Nothing, am I right? Well, at least that’s our hope. (Just pretend we’re a witty flight attendant with a great pre-flight speech, and this will all go much more smoothly.)

So sit back, relax and we’ll take you through some need-to-know info in the telecom space. (Snacks and drinks are up to you, though.)

BYOD = Bring Your Own Disaster?

Smart devices, like cell phones and tablets (and even laptops) are helping lots of companies stay better connected and mobile. But if you’re allowing employees to use their own devices for company business – aka bring your own device (BYOD) – how can you be sure that they’re secure? (Spoiler alert: Your IT department is probably shuddering at the thought right this moment.)

So do you feel like you’re stuck between chaining your employees to their desks (not literally, we hope) and risking your company with unsecured personal tech?

Fear not – there’s another option that could be the answer: choose your own device (CYOD). Employees get to pick an approved company-provided device, pre-loaded with all the security software and operating systems to keep a technology disaster from striking.

What now?

Ask us about BYOD vs. CYOD – we’ll help you find the balance between security and productivity that’s just right for your organization.

We heart analytics

And we think you will, too, when we know what they can do for you and your business.

When you put your temNOW Analytics to work, you’ll get:

  • Cloud-based, self-service analytics – get the info you need, wherever and whenever you need to access it.
  • Real-time interactive visualization – actually see the impact your telecom spend is making on your business, right now
  • Zero software footprint – no more clunky solutions to deploy, update and manage
  • The ability to add and customize dashboards and 70+ reports – because Executive A wants to see something different than Board Member B
  • The sweet, sweet slumber of a CFO / CIO / executive manager whose mind is at rest, knowing all this info is available at the drop of a hat

Analytics are our thing, and you get all the benefits – get in touch with us and we’ll show you the light.

Great to “cross” paths with you!

Red Cross onsite image

Call us old-fashioned, but we still believe it’s a personal touch – and the occasional in-person visit – that makes the difference between a vendor and a true business partner.

Here’s some of our leadership team on a recent visit to Washington, D.C., to catch up with the American Red Cross. Look for us at an office near you.

Now hear this

A huge thanks to everyone who completed our annual customer survey! You told us some pretty useful info, and we want you to know we heard you…and we’re making good on it.

You said….That your AMI Account Managers, Bill Pay Specialists, and Audit Consultants rock!

So we…Threw a big party to recognize their efforts!

You said….That we needed to sweeten the pot on our Strategic Reporting suite

So we…Enhanced the temNOW landing page for better “at-a-glance” metrics, and we’re launching soon our new standardized Strategic Reporting suite – watch for it!

You said….That you’d love to hear more from our Development Team when system enhancements are made.

So we…Implemented a standard user communication email for temNOW client registered users, to let you know in advance when system enhancements or change management activities are deployed.

Keep it comin’!

Missed the survey? Have more that you want to tell us? You’ve got our ear!

Sharing is caring

Did we give you a warm and fuzzy feeling? Tell someone about it and we’ll keep it going.

Our recent customer survey revealed that 90% of you would refer us to another business. We’re flattered – and we want to share the love!

Refer to AMI Strategies an organization you want to see succeed, and we’ll work with you and our new mutual friend to sponsor a charity. A little good goes a long way…you paid it forward, and now we’ll do the same!

Sound good? Drop us a line at or call us 1-866-264-8870 – we’ll get the ball rolling.

Let’s get friendly

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