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Welcome to the Wild, Wild West of Mobility

Posted on JULY 13, 2016

Saddle Up!

Everyone is skedaddling to get the newest mobile technology to follow the herd. And “skedaddle” is an understatement. The newest research states that mobile devices are deployed 20 times more quickly than PC technology…which means it’s getting harder to keep track of devices during this stampede! Hold on tight to those reins!

In fact, do you know where ALL of your mobile technologies are right now? How are they invoiced? Are they secure? Do devices belong to each employee? Are they utilizing multiple licenses to various apps? Are you tracking the license costs per employee? Are all of these moving parts aligning contractually?

(And while we’re on the topic, does your organization have an approved wireless policy in place?)

Well, pardner, AMI Strategies is ready to clean up this here town, and bring a little law and order to your technology estate.

Read on for some of the ways we can help you tame your tech, no matter how wild it’s gotten.

Mount up for mobility growth

Many organizations believe that providing employees with the devices and connectivity they need will lead to greater productivity, and even a competitive advantage.

But tracking all those devices – along with plan, licenses and data usage – can turn your technology expense management efforts into a real rodeo.

It’s time to rein in your enterprise mobility management. The AMI Strategies team can help tame and manage your tech priorities, from purchasing new devices and accessories and handling employee inquiries, to service requests and decommissioning of devices.

Learn more about our mobility-focused service options here.

Got IoT?

Has your organization been bitten by the Internet of Things (IoT) bug?

As more organizations see the value in providing connectivity to previously unconnected business areas, IoT has begun to expand to make access easier for employees at every level – but that access requires a solid technology support plan.

AMI Strategies’ Mobility Service Desk can help your organization in its IoT migration, from preparation efforts and planning to integration and ongoing support along the way.

Contact us to learn how we can support your specific IoT priorities!

Cowboys (and girls) don’t cry

 …except maybe when it comes to itemizing your bundled technology invoice charges. Bundling services is great for saving paper, but not so much when it comes to really seeing where your technology spend is going each month.

Well, cheer up – our Invoice Import solution can help you get a closer look at your invoices to make sure they’re connected to the right departments, and even give you a per-user breakdown…helping you make sure, for example, that the assets you’re paying for tie to the number of employees using them.

Because the last thing we want your technology invoices to do is make you cry. (Or sell your pick-up truck.)

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You’ve got a friend in me

Need a great book for your July vacation read? Meet our friend Dave Zilko, who has written one of the most amazing and humble stories about the entrepreneurial experience! We’ve been reading every word, Irrational Persistence, while chowing down on our favorite Garden Fresh products.  Inspired, we (AMI’ers) even started our own book club!

Want to join us for some networking and support a great cause? The Spirit of Alexandria Foundation will hold their annual golf and concert event on Monday, July 25th.  The AMI team will be enjoying the concert with the lead singer of Foghat, Charlie Huhn. – Come rock out with us!