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What a year it’s been!

Posted on JANUARY 25, 2017

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…and we just want to take a moment to thank you for connecting with AMI Strategies in 2016.

We’re proud to have welcomed amazing new clients this year, created huge technology savings for our valued and loyal clients, and grown our AMI Strategies family with fantastic new team members.

Our goal for 2017: to help you see the big picture of your technology estate from every corner, whether it’s the mundane (extra hot cocoa orders for the office?) or the massive (corporate devices for everyone!). 

So join us in raising a glass of eggnog to you, our clients and friends — and to an exciting year ahead. 

From the team at AMI Strategies, we wish you a very happy holiday season and a successful 2017!

Last Christmas…

…we had no idea how amazing 2016 would be!

 All year (and, well, every year), our main goal was to help our clients achieve significant technology savings. Here are just a few examples:

  • Our ROI for our multi-year clients is 194%. (Seriously!)
  • On average, our mobility optimization program drives out more than 20% of a client’s cost per device.
  • We recently completed a benchmark initiative for a large pharmaceutical client’s conferencing services and reduced this expenditure by 25% — without changing their vendor.
  • Clients working with our Mobility Help Desk rank their experience at 95% or greater as “good” or “exceeding expectations.”

Want to find out how you can explore similar results for your organization in 2017? Get in touch with us — we’d love to help your budget jingle with a little extra cash this time next year. 

You’re a keen one, Mrs. Sydlowski

Our president and CEO, Jane Sydlowski, has her eyes set on the future of technology expense management — and two major trends are coming into focus as the new year approaches.

(Like the Grinch, we could say that she puzzled and puzzled ‘til her puzzler was sore, then Jane thought of something she hadn’t thought of before…)

Here are Jane’s predictions for the top two areas forward-thinking organizations will be focusing on in 2017. No crystal ball needed, you’ll see something new — she calls them Thing One and Thing Two:

  1. Mobility Management – because of the explosion of the Internet of Things (pardon the pun).
  2. Global Visibility – into the technology estate for all invoices, contracts, assets, and more.

“Out of the box came Thing Two and Thing One and they ran to us fast and said how do you do. Would you like to shake hands with Thing One and Thing Two?” Contact Jane at to learn something new.