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By combining domain expertise with Industry 4.0 technologies, AMI delivers cost containment, automated financial operations, and change management to any variable or fixed cost vendor relationship giving you back valuable time, money and peace of mind. 

About AMI Strategies

Sensing trouble on the horizon and realizing how much she could help fellow Detroit business owners with her in-depth knowledge of how telephony networks really work, Jane Sydlowski left her engineering post at Michigan Bell to take on hundreds of local interexchange carriers and their misleading sales and marketing tactics.

Over 30 years later, AMI Strategies serves clients on every continent, offering a global suite of solutions for Telecom, Mobility, Cloud, Utility, ServiceNow, and Managed Automation deployments – all powered by cutting-edge technology and automation.

Our platform is designed to manage any vendor that’s  important to our customers – no matter what category it’s in.

By establishing inventory that includes integrated data from vendors and enterprise systems, auditing charges against correlating contracts, automating allocations and payments, and centralizing how services are purchased, changed or decommissioned, AMI ensures our clients never waste time on vendor-related busywork, and never pay more than they’re supposed to.


A Letter From The CEO

Welcome, and thank you for taking the time to learn more about our unique little firm.

I founded American Megacom Inc. (AMI) in 1991 because I saw fellow businesses in my community being misled by a new wave of interexchange carriers flooding the marketplace. 

With no shortage of “guidance” that my little startup would not last the year, it is very humbling to tell you that in 2021 AMI celebrated its 30th year of providing governance confidence and understanding of spend with our clients’ most expensive service providers and vendors.

Despite our growth, we are still regarded by our clients and partners as nimble, flexible and easy to do business with – which I attribute to our original guiding principles which still ring true today:

  • Respect for the Individual
  • Team Mentality
  • Commitment to Quality & Integrity 
  • Always Be Dynamic, Responsive & Adaptive

Throughout the journey, AMI has held a technology-forward philosophy, bringing multiple Industry 4.0 technologies into production to deliver a world class customer experience through hyperautomation.

And while we are proud of our existing vendor-automation milestones, we are even more excited about what the future brings as we continue to test and bring new technologies into production.

We look forward to the opportunity to earn your business through the same honesty, expertise, flexibility and technical acumen that has helped us serve the Fortune 1000 for the past three decades.


Jane Sydlowski, CEO, AMI Strategies

Orchestrating Confidence in Enterprise Vendor Spend Since 1991​

American Megacom Inc. (AMI) founded
eAMI, AMI's proprietary SaaS invoice audit and management platform released
AMI launches domestic bill payment services
eAMI rebranded as temNOW, AMI launches Managed Mobility suite mobilityNOW and begins managing utility spend on behalf of customers
AMI launches full integration into client ERP systems
AMI acquires ServiceNow partner and opens west coast operations in Denver, CO
AMI launches Invoice(AI), a proprietary invoice processing technology that utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to automate invoice abstraction
AMI deploys APIs to AT&T and Verizon to automate wireless carrier ordering and support tasks
AMI launches three scoped, certified ServiceNow applications to integrate spend, usage, and contract details into ServiceNow IT Asset Management (ITAM) and enable self-serve service provider MACD
Hyperautomation continues as AMI launches additional Robotic Process Automations (RPAs), service provider and enterprise systems APIs, Extract/Translate/Load (ETL) technologies, and SmartAudit automation into production.

AMI also launches the Extractbots brand (extractbots.com) for automation consulting for non vendor-related use cases.

Meet Our Management Team

Jane Sydlowski

CEO & President

Dean Keeler

CTO & VP Operations

Charles P. Barnes

CFO & General Counsel

Jon Dezelsky

Executive Vice President

David Boonie

VP Sales

David Sonenstein

VP Product Strategy

Alex Orille

Director Operations

Cody Neely

Director Support

Jasmine Herbst

Director Mobility

Stephen Collins

Director Partner Channels

Carlos Gama

Director ServiceNow

Holly Muston

Senior Sales Executive

A Certified Diversity Supplier

AMI is a woman-owned and operated Vendor Expense Management supplier. When it comes to diversity, we practice what we preach – with our internal staff reflecting the makeup of the U.S. population in terms of race, gender and age.

Companies that leverage AMI’s services can apply our fees and the amounts we pay their providers on their behalves towards their diversity spend attributions.


Want to Join our Team?

AMI in the Community

We are committed to making Michigan the No. 1 state for women in technology

We are proud members of ETMA and have pledged to their Code of Ethics

We are proud to help empower people to lead financially healthy lives
Authorized State of Michigan Extended Purchasing Program Vendor
Proud members of the Society for Information Management Professionals

AMI Awards & Recognition

Peer Voted by Partners & Competitors

Peer Voted by Partners & Competitors

Notable Women in IT 2018

Knowledge 15 Hackathon (Finalist)

Knowledge 13 Hackathon (FInalist)

Knowledge 12 Innovation of the Year (Winner)


Women of the Year 2015

Diverse Supplier Award 2014

Women’s Business Enterprise Diverse Supplier Achievement Award 2013

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