image of case study workflow on a mirrored image AMI Strategies offers AI-powered software

Automated Invoice Workflow


– temNOW™ cloud-based mobile expense management
– Invoice analysis
– Comprehensive audit structure
– Mobile plan management and optimization
– Contract benchmarking
– Cost reduction recommendations
– Rate negotiation

– Average cost per device reduced by 17 percent (annualized savings of $760,000)
– Net wireless services expenses reduced by 5 percent (annualized savings of $170,000)


AMI Strategies Automates Invoice Workflow for Global Pharma Business

Our Assignment

This R&D-driven global pharmaceutical company came to AMI Strategies for help reducing mobility expenditures, and to manage invoices and inventory for more than 4000 wireless devices. The company was operating in a manual environment, relying on spreadsheets to manage its wireless devices. The company wanted better visibility of its wireless expenses, including cost per subscriber; global voice, text and data usage; roaming charges and “0” usage charges.

Situation Analysis

AMI Strategies initiated a project creating an expense management program that addressed the client’s issues with agreed goals of:

  • lowered expenditures
  • streamlined and automated invoice processing
  • analytics providing enhanced visibility and data mining capabilities

AMI designed and implemented a mobile technology lifecycle expense management solution that included:

  • Vendor contract and benchmark analysis
  • Automated invoice workfl ow process
  • Automated invoice auditing
  • Wireless Plan Management service

The Results

Following implementation, the pharmaceutical company has visibility for its entire mobility invoice lifecycle and spend, including:

  • Cost per subscriber
  • Usage (voice, text and data) for domestic, international, roaming
  • “0” usage
  • Cost center accountability
  • Asset type associated with each subscriber
  • On-boarding and off-boarding information
  • Upgrade eligibility
  • Subscriber invoices

AMI Strategies deployed its optimization process for monthly mobile plan management. After optimization, the company’s average cost per device was reduced by 17 percent, with an annualized savings of $760,000.

Contract benchmarking efforts drove a 5 percent net reduction in wireless services with an annualized savings of $170,000.

AMI Strategies

  • Drove significant savings by automating the invoice workflow and reducing labor/process time
  • Improved visibility of detail behind the allocation to cost centers
  • Implemented a systematic and stringent auditing process
  • Eliminated late fee payments
  • Achieved budget transparency from high to low level invoice details
  • Created a consistent payment file with cost center allocation
  • Enabled quick strategic decision making
  • Removed third party charges