image of charts and graphs in background with laptop and headset on a glass desk AMI Strategies offers AI-powered software

Harnessed Global Telecom Spend

Global tier-one automotive electronics supplier

$16 million

– temNOW™ cloud-based expense management
– Invoice analysis
– Cost reduction recommendations
– Rate negotiation
– Forecasting

– Automated all manual invoice processing procedures
– Achieved visibility into global and regional spend
– Produced reports in English/U.S. dollar created from invoices in multiple languages/ currencies
– Recommended a VoIP solution that delivered a 30%–90% savings over traditional voice and conference calling.


AMI Strategies Harnesses Global Automotive Telecom Spend

Our Assignment

This global automotive supplier needed visibility into its total telecom spend outside of the U.S. into regional offi ces and plant environments in Europe/Middle East/Africa (EMEA), Caribbean/ Latin America (CALA) and Asia/Pacifi c (APAC). This effort involved telecommunications invoices in multiple languages and currencies. The company lacked processes for multiple invoice-receipts-to-payment and relied too heavily on error-prone manual data entry. In both the U.S. facilities and the international locations, the company needed processes to address telecom invoices with incorrect billing, late payments, zero usage and third party downloads. As the project progressed, the company also needed better visibility into the return on investment of its VoIP implementation.

In summary, the company needed:

  • Workflow automation
  • Auditing
  • Budget transparency
  • Data analytics

Situation Analysis

AMI Strategies implemented a telecom lifecycle expense management solution for voice data and mobile services (including Conferencing, PBX and IPT). To achieve full visibility into the global spend for the corporate IT finance group, AMI Strategies translated all telecommunications invoices into English and currencies into the U.S. dollar


The client now sees and understands the total global telecom spend and the telecom spend by region by each service type. AMI Strategies translates the EMEA/CALA/APAC invoices into English/ U.S. dollars and provides a U.S. funding report on a monthly basis. AMI Strategies confirmed the projected ROI from the VoIP migration by validating the savings on the client invoices

AMI Strategies

  • Drove significant savings from invoice auditing and reduced labor/process time
  • Implemented a systematic and stringent auditing process
  • Improved visibility of detail behind the allocation to cost centers
  • Implemented an automated invoice workflow to reduce time and eliminate late fee payments
  • Achieved budget transparency from high level to low level invoice details
  • Created a consistent payment file with cost center allocation
  • Analyzed call traffic to aid in business decisions/validation
  • Provided enhanced reporting:
    • Region spend, trend and comparison
    • Conference spend, trend and comparison
    • Specific region and service type and spend
    • Product group spend and trend
    • Savings summary