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Reduced Telecom Expenses

National non-profit

$16 million

– temNow cloud-based expense management
– Invoice visibility
– Data analytics
– Automated audit
– Centralized data and processes

– With review of first $12 million in telecom invoices, AMI Strategies recovered $500,000 in first four months; recovered an additional $1 million over 12 months
– Identification of actual number of vendors, telecom spend and number of invoices


AMI Strategies Reduces Telecom Expenses for National Non-Profit

Our Assignment

This national non-profit humanitarian organization was under significant pressure to reduce telecommunication expenses and implement streamlined procedures. With limited knowledge of their decentralized telecom spend, inventory, number of vendors and even the number of monthly telecom invoices, the organization needed telecom expense management.

Situation Analysis

The organization asked AMI Strategies to review a subset of their telecom spend, find immediate savings, automate expense management and establish better procedures.


AMI Strategies implemented its temNOW cloud-based telecom expense management solution. Following an audit, we identified the actual telecom spend, number of vendors and number of invoices received per month, as shown in the chart below, which differed significantly from the organization’s initial estimates.

Annual TelecomNumber of VendorsNumber of Invoices per Month
Estimates from Organization$50 million200500
Estimates from Organization$30 million4503,000

AMI Strategies recovered $500,000 in four months and an additional $1 million at the end of 12 months for the national non-profit. In addition, AMI Strategies implemented procedures and automated processes for the organization. It now functions with:

  • Transparent management of the lifecycle of all monthly invoices using a standard work flow and a Web-based system
  • Visibility into every data point on an invoice, organized in strategic ways through reporting, for example, inventory by location, charges by cost center and more
  • Data analytics that allow “what if” scenarios
  • Monthly automated auditing and general ledger allocations
  • Centralized data and processes