AMI Strategies & Utilities Savings

AMI’s temNOW™ Can Help Your Organization Maximize its Utility Spend:

AMI Strategies’ technology expense management platform, temNOW™, leverages a combination of Artificial Intelligence and industry-leading partnerships to help companies streamline, manage, and optimize their utility invoices and contracts through three key tactics:

  • Finding and reducing billing errors
  • Instituting the most favorable rate plans, and
  • Increasing sustainability by harnessing temNOW data

Our proprietary temNOW platform uses AI to upload, organize and audit all your utility invoices. From there, our team of analysts expertly handles the taxing work of evaluating rate plans and utilities complexities to ensure your business is on the optimal program for your organization. Our expert analysts will offer a road map on ways to increase the sustainability of your organization based on the data pulled from temNOW. We take the guesswork out of your utilities, delivering concrete results for increased efficiency and cost savings for your future.

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