Building a Strong, Strategic Partnership Brick by Brick

An American heavy vehicle and contract automotive manufacturer


– temNOW Managed Service (Wireline and Wireless)
– mobilityNOW™ mobility lifecycle platform
     – Mobility Help Desk
     – Asset Retirement

– 15% increase in IT personnel capacity and increased security
– Savings of up to:
10% in initial network infrastructure costs
Additional 18% in annualized cost reduction and invoice audit credits recovered.

Building a Strong, Strategic Partnership Brick by Brick


An American heavy vehicle and contract automotive manufacturer, was looking to increase visibility into its telephony data, reduce its number of venders and better control its costs.  The company needed to build an expense and mobility strategy from the ground up, and they chose AMI Strategies to help it begin to achieve these goals.

Solutions & Outcomes

Step 1: Laying the Foundation

The partnership began with a complete spend baseline and inventory analysis, as well as an audit of the company’s network infrastructure and corresponding vendor contracts.  With savings opportunities identified and implemented, and billing corrections made, AMI Strategies was able to save this client 10% in annualized costs right off the bat.

Step 2: Framing the House

Next, the AMI team implemented its temNOW™ Managed Service technology for the company’s fixed wireline network services.  This well-orchestrated TEM program created an ongoing process of invoice management, auditing, governance, and automation to drive optimization, savings, and operational efficiencies.

Step 3: Putting Up the Walls

As AMI proved itself to be a trusted and reliable partner, this client began looking at other ways to take advantage of AMI’s products and services. The obvious next step was to add their mobility invoices into temNOW™, which gave the company better insights into its mobility data and spend. 

The combined results of AMI’s temNOW™ Managed Service for both the company’s wireline and mobility services, was an increased annual savings of over 28% in invoice credits and annualized cost reductions.

Step 4: Plumbing and Wiring

This client began to shift some of its mobility operations to AMI Strategies. Traditionally, the company relied on its IT staff to fully manage and support its mobility needs, but as the partnership deepened, this client deployed AMI’s Mobility Help Desk to meet some of its mobility management challenges, such as:

  • Mobility components sourced across several different providers.
  • Mobility management taking up valuable work capacity from the IT team, who were also responsible for several other critical IT functions for the company.
  • Covid-19 making traditional in-person, one-to-one device set up, management and upgrades nearly impossible.
  • Capacity constraints meant that only so many device activations/refreshes/resells could be done at a time, and the company was missing out on valuable rebate opportunities.

Step 5: Adding the Finishes

In tandem with its fully integrated partner, Mobile reCell, AMI established a workflow for refreshing this company’s eligible devices and optimizing its end-of-life (EOL) process.  Within this process, AMI alerts the employee when their device is ready for an upgrade.  From there, AMI’s Help Desk experts work directly with the employee to activate the new device – walking through each phase of the set up and every required application – from email to contact migration.  The employee receives shipping instructions to send their old device back, where it undergoes a complete device wipe, ensuring that all information is securely removed. Then, the device is sold back to the carrier and the client receives the rebate.

Step 6: Move in Day

Today, this client is not only experiencing a faster, better-optimized mobility process, but also its IT staff has drastically increased its capacity and, in turn, productivity.  The company is now beginning to onboard its executives, and is getting positive reviews on their new mobility experience:

“The change over to my new iPhone was seamless, with our outsourced provider, good job in adding in this skill.”

– SVP of Engineering and Chief Technology Officer