three employees all looking at their AT&T mobile phones AMI Strategies offers AI-powered software

Enterprise Mobile Migration


– mobilityNow™ with expense management
– Migration services through carrier APIs

Within just 2 months, this client was able to migrate a staff of 5,000 to its new carrier for an estimated cost savings of $600,000 annually. This process would have normally taken months and been incredibly error prone.

Enterprise Mobile Migration with Major National Carrier

Our Assignment

A global leader in water, hygiene and energy technologies and services was searching for a new mobile carrier that could help it meet the following challenges:

  • A high-travel workforce that required global mobile access and flexibility
  • A solution that could track and manage data and minute pools
  • A predictable spend model that could offer cost controls
  • A complete change in mobile policies that would pass the cost of the device on to the employee while maintaining the corporate service plan for an estimated cost savings of $600,000.

Situation Analysis

This client selected a major national carrier as its new partner, and the new carrier was tasked with upgrading, activating/ deactivating and trouble shooting thousands of employees within a very short timeframe – just two months.

This could have been a very time consuming, resource draining and human-error-prone process for the carrier, but the new carrier had a game-changer in their corner: AMI Strategies’ mobility management services.


With AMI’s mobility management services, this client experienced:

Greater Efficiencies – Having access to the customers carrier information on all customer accounts allowed AMI to quickly and accurately port numbers to the new carrier, ensuring seamless employee service transitions while mitigating duplicate billing.

Hands-On Service – AMI leveraged its existing Help Desk to directly engage with employees and end users to walk them through the process of moving from the old carrier to the new one.

Fast Results – AMI was able to migrate 5,000+ employees within 6 weeks from project launch. This process would have normally taken months to complete. With AMI, it only took a few weeks.