Global TEM: Our Cover Letter

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What differentiates AMI from other TEM service providers is our global capability and qualifications. We’ve spent years refining our methodology and building a platform that leverages the latest technology to dramatically improve TEM outcomes, which delivers significant ROI and the ultimate user-friendly experience. Check out our global TEM cover letter to see how our qualifications back us up and how temNOW is different:

Our Global TEM Cover Letter

Dear Global Finance & IT Departments,

We are writing you to apply for the position as your Global Wireless & Telecom Expense Management partner.

We are confident that our 30 years of solid experience and diverse capabilities make us an ideal candidate to fill this vacancy.

During our extensive tenure serving Fortune 1000 clients with similar requirements, we have been noted for having achieved the following:

  • Support for over 1800 wireless, network, cloud, and utility vendors worldwide right out of the box
  • GDPR compliant with ISO 27001 certified capabilities
  • Scoped/certified ServiceNow apps for both mobility and network management. Including workflows to manage requests
  • AI-enabled Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) which allows us to onboard new vendor invoice formats quickly
  • API integration with carriers and MDM providers for seamless, instantaneous transactions
  • Invoice Lifecycle Management services that automatically audit, optimize, and dispute invoices against their corresponding vendor contracts
  • Global invoice payment services that include 90-day currency locks to shield our clients from currency flux
  • We are a woman owned and operated supplier, allowing you to satisfy diversity spend requirements
  • Free proof-of-concept exercises that allow you to see our capabilities first-hand with your data

We believe the above qualities and experiences will make us a valuable addition to your organization. If there is any more information about our qualifications or experience you would like us to provide, please do not hesitate to reach out.


AMI Strategies

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