Recouping Costs Year After Year After Year

One of Michigan’s Largest Healthcare Systems


– temNOW

-Significant savings year after year
-Savings in 2017 = $450,000
-Savings in 2018 = $3,900,000
-Savings in 2019 = $1,000,000

Recouping Costs Year After Year After Year


Three years ago, Michigan’s largest healthcare system was looking to modernize its TEM solution. The organization’s previous TEM provider processed all invoices, payments, audits and reconciliations manually – which led to a significant waste of resources, missed savings opportunities and general inefficiencies.

The healthcare system wanted to implement a new, fully managed TEM platform that leveraged cutting-edge technology and automation to deliver improved cost savings and facilitated an increase in the capacity of its personnel.

Solutions & Outcomes

The healthcare system chose AMI’s temNOW cloud-based telecom expense management platform as its new TEM solution. Following a rapid, 90-day setup,

AMI hit the ground running – automating invoice processing and dispute resolution, and discovering thousands in previously missed savings.

In fact, since the inception of this partnership, AMI’s temNOW platform, has reviewed more than 200,000 billing exceptions and empowered Michigan’s largest healthcare system to recover significant savings year after year:

  • Savings in 2017 =    $450,000
  • Savings in 2018 =    $3,900,000
  • Savings in 2019 =    $1,000,000

“We are very appreciative of all AMI does. We know how complex telecom invoicing, contracts, and dispute resolution can be and AMI’s knowledgeable Client Service Analysts efficiently and effectively handle disputes and service validations. Our IT Finance department is also enthusiastic about AMI’s reporting capabilities – especially how quickly AMI can turn around report requests that ultimately make spend reconciliation and budgets much easier tasks.”

– Director, IT Connect – Network Services for Michigan’s Largest Healthcare System