AMI and DTE temNOW SmartAudit Case Study

TEM Migration & Significant Cost Savings

DTE Energy


– temNOW
– mobilityNOW MaaS Help Desk

– Typical 90-day implementation work plan adjusted to fit a shortened, 56-day time frame, ensuring no service interruptions and no penalties from clients’ previous TEM provider.

-Within just 3 months, AMI was able to uncover $336,000 in savings, which made the project entirely self-funding.

Migration to temNOW™ Uncovers $336,000 in Savings


In 2019, DTE – a diversified energy company involved in the development and management of energy-related businesses and services across the United States – was on the hunt for a new TEM solution. Its current TEM provider was limited in its ability to:

  • Segment invoice data for reporting
  • Deliver a holistic solution that covered order management, reporting and everything in between
  • Provide support
  • Fully audit all invoices to identify discrepancies and recover ROI
  • Help manage its mobility solutions – supporting approximately 8,000 end-users

And these limitations were resulting in an expense management process that was inefficient and missing out on revenue. Not only that, but DTE’s end-users were experiencing significant issues with both service and support that were causing increasing frustration.

DTE needed a TEM provider that would offer much broader capabilities, maximize ROI and help streamline the efficiency of its expense processes, and ensure that its end-users had a quality experience that made their lives easier.


After an intensive review process DTE chose AMI’s temNOW™ and mobilityNOW™ MaaS help desk package to address their current TEM and mobility limitations.

As cliché as it sounds, time is money. And in DTE’s situation – time had a significant role to play in the implementation and cost savings of its new TEM approach. DTE’s previous TEM contract was due to expire in less than two months from the time the contract between DTE and AMI was finalized. This meant that AMI had to hit the ground not just running, but sprinting.

The AMI team was successfully able to take what is typically a 90-day implementation work plan and adjust it to fit DTE’s shortened, 56-day time frame. This included:

  • Uploading all DTE invoices, client contracts and organizational data into temNOW
  • Leveraging AMI’s APIs to connect to DTE’s mobile carrier to upload plan and inventory data
  • Setting up Single Sign On (SSO) capabilities to manage MDM and mobility user support inquiries, and
  • Conducting training of DTE’s internal TEM users

AMI’s ability to be agile and implement its temNOW and mobilityNOW help desk solutions in a much shorter timeframe than normal ensured that DTE experienced no service interruptions and that it did not incur penalties with its existing TEM provider.


DTE knew its previous TEM provider was leaving money on the table, but they weren’t sure how significant that sum was until AMI took over.

AMI leveraged its proprietary, automated auditing processes – which leverages AI to systematically inspect invoices and expenses for discrepancies – to uncover $336,000 in missed savings in just the first three months of collaboration. This ROI makes the AMI/DTE partnership entirely self-funding.

Additionally, through AMI’s solution, DTE is processing approximately 450 invoices per month and invoices are being submitted 15 days before they are due. This increased efficiency is because of AMI’s systematic Auto Approve process. With the previous TEM solution, DTE approvers had to review 100% of the invoices, but with AMI they’re able to only review 35% of the invoices with the rest being systematically done through AMI’s AI-powered platform.

“AMI is so much more of a partner than our previous TEM provider. Now that we’ve implemented AMI’s temNOW and mobilityNOW help desk solutions, it’s amazing how much more visibility we have to our invoice data – visibility that we didn’t even know was possible. We also have much greater confidence that our invoices are being audited and we’re achieving maximum cost savings, which has been a game-changer for us.”
– DTE rep.

Not only did DTE improve invoice processing efficiency, but DTE end-users also gained back capacity. This improved efficiency is allowing DTE to prioritize other tasks and better maximize its accounting and expense personnel across other projects.